OPUS CAM DNC/MDE - Shopfloor Network

Give digitisation a chance

With the OPUS solutions DNC, WIS and MDE you integrate your production machines optimally into your network.

DNC (Direct Numerical Control)


Integrated, secure and flexible NC program management with super-fast transfer of data to the CNC machines and, if necessary, updated program versions back to the DNC server All in a network connection via Ethernet with maximum speed and security when transferring your data. Day after day you gain valuable productive time on your CNC machines and your output will increase noticeably. Even with a daily program change on a CNC, OPUS DNC will have paid for itself in approximately one year. When using several CNC machines with multiple program changes daily after only a few months.
OPUS optimally integrates your machines into your production network. No matter whether you have to or want to connect the machines via V.24 or your machines are network-compatible.
There is a good solution for everything. By means of COM servers you get your machines into the network even if you do not have a network connection to the controller.
Send and receive your NC programs in a simple and effective way with the OPUS DNC solution.
By the way you get a perfect administration of your NC programs, without tiresome searching in directories.



  • Enabling/disabling individual NC programs (groups)
  • Assigning NC programs to specific machines (groups)
  • Sending back optimized programs
  • Compare original and returned program
  • Logging the data transmissions

WIS (Shopfloor Information System)


The OPUS Shopfloor Information System (called WIS) provides you with all the information you need to set up and set up your CNC machines optimally. And exactly where you need it most, namely directly at the machine in your production hall.
The machine operator therefore has access to all relevant data and files for an NC project at all times: 


  • NC-Programs
  • Clamping plans
  • Tool lists
  • Setup sheets
  • Photos (operations, clamping, etc.)
  • CAD drawings / CAD models 
  • Additional documents (PDF, etc.)

The most important at a glance:


  • All production data for a NC Project always accesible
  • Clear and easy to use interface
  • Touchscreen capable modules

MDE (Machine data collection)


Machine data can be automatically recorded via additional interfaces and managed on the DNC server. In this way you always have a "complete overview". Regular evaluations provide valuable information for locating and eliminating problem areas. 


Recording of 

  • Setup times
  • Downtimes
  • Times for maintenance
  • Production times
  • Absences
  • ...