OPUS® - the reliable Software


For over 30 years OPUS® has been supplying task-oriented solutions for CAM, MDE and DNC.
Well over 4000 installations in almost 1000 companies speak for themselves.
OPUS® is adapted exactly to the requirements of the productions and further developed together with the users.

Our customers thus benefit from a production support system that grows with their requirements thanks to its modular design and flexibility.



OPUS - The Company and the team


OPUS - a successful story

Today OPUS is one of the leading CAM systems in the German-speaking area and takes a leading position in IT-technical, application-technical and also in market share.
The company was founded in 1980 and since that time - for a software company a considerable period of time - we have continuously developed our product in the environment of the very lively CNC market.
improved. We actively address all trends and challenges and see them as an opportunity to further improve our product.


Openness - a principle at OPUS

Open production support system: our concept is already in the name.
Openness is the determining factor in all areas of our company. Of course, especially in our CAM program itself, but also in dealing with our customers, with partner companies, with
the sales partners in the OPUS system centers and especially in the interaction of the OPUS employees with each other. 


The OPUS Team

Most of the Opus IT engineers and CNC specialists have been with the company for many years, some from the very beginning. This ensures the necessary continuity in the development of our program components. At the same time it is an expression of the extraordinarily high identification of the OPUS
Team with product and company. 


The OPUS distributors

Also in the OPUS sales organisation openness is very important:
The software house in Ohmden provides the OPUS core modules and the OPUS System Centers on site, in close contact with the customer, adapt the CAM system exactly to his individual needs.
Workflow. A proven concept that ensures market proximity and provides for dynamics and movement.

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