Calculation with TICC

Calculate times and costs quickly and easily from the CAD model

TICC Calculation with CAD files



Revolutionize your work preparation and automate the calculation and quotation process with our solution TICC (Time and Cost Calculation) and let bits and bytes work for you cleverly!
TICC closes the existing gap between planning and production. With the graphically interactive calculation tool, it is now possible to access CAD data already in the offer and planning phase.

Time and cost calculation with TICC


  • Simple and clear operations
  • Building blocks for individual degree of accuracy
  • Use of the results for CNC programming


Further convincing advantages:

  • Avoidance of read and transmission errors through direct use of drawing information
  • Uniform calculation tool for quotation costing and production planning
  • Exact, fast, transparent and comprehensible calculation results
  • Greater planning reliability for machine utilization
  • Better assessment of location and purchasing decisions
  • Better and faster product development "TIME TO MARKET" and "TARGET COSTING

TICC Modules

Due to the modular structure of TICC, you only need the modules for the manufacturing processes you need.
  • Milling / Drilling

  • Turning

  • Wirecutting

  • Welding

  • Assembling

  • Flame cutting

  • Surface and cylindrical grinding

TICC workflow

for the example milling / drilling

  • Import 3D-Model

  • Automatic feature recognition

  • Analysis of Drilling operations

  • Definition of the operations

  • Calculation of setup time and non-productive time

  • Time calculation

  • Creation of data sheet

  • Export to ERP system

  • Cost calculation

Kalkulation einer Schweißkonstruktion
Kalkulation eines Frästeiles