OPUS CAM 5-Axis milling

Do not be afraid of 5-axis programming!
Many users of the 5-axis strategies do not manufacture complex impellers, but use the 5-axis algorithms e.g. for rolling certain surface structures on their workpieces.

5-Axis operations

Powerful algorithms for the production of complex components.
We distinguish between three packages that build on each other.
You can define which package you want to use to get started in NC programming for 5-axis machining.

Youtube Video 5-Axis milling - Simple Swarfing

5-Axis Package Basic

OPUS CAM 5-Achs Fräsen - Wälzen

The package includes:

  • Swarf milling
  • Deburring
  • Automatic converiosn from 3- to 5-Axis toolpathes

5-Axis Package Standard

OPUS CAM Software - 5-Achs Fräsen flächenbasiert


The package includes:

  • All functions from the Basic package 
  • Surface based 5-Axis modul
  • Multi-Axis roughung (including adaptive roughing)
  • Rotational operations
  • Geodesic operations
  • 5-Axis Countouring
  • Further strategies for existing toolpathes

5-Axis package Professional

OPUS CAM Software - 5-Achs Kanalfräsen


The package includes:

  • All functions from the Standard package
  • Milling of Multiblade geometries (Impeller, etc.)
  • Port machining
  • Advanced geodesic strategies