We are happy to offer our customers individual training courses on all topics concerning OPUS CAM software.


  • Basic training
  • Milling 2.5D and drilling
  • 3D milling with adaptive roughing
  • 5-axis simultaneous milling
  • Turning
  • Turning with driven tools
  • Multi-channel turning
  • NC simulations
  • Tool Management
  • Database of clamping devices and fixtures
  • Postprocessors
  • Construction of machine models and kinematics
  • Development of machine simulations
  • SESAM macro programming


Do you have ideas in the CAD/CAM field? 

Or do you want to optimize your production?

Or do you want to automate or simplify processes?

Then don't hesitate and contact us ... every challenge is pure motivation for us!


Our support team is there to help you with words and deeds.

Please call us, we are available during our office hours at +49 (7021) 9566055.

Or send us a support request to

Special programming /

Order programming

You have special wishes and ideas? But you can't realize them yourself?

Then we will be happy to be there for you and program your special applications in OPUS CAM.

There are many special applications for which there are no ready-made solutions.

We have already carried out various "special orders" in many areas:


  • Grinding with NC belt grinders
  • Programming of Multi spondle Drilling machines
  • Groove slicing
  • ...