OPUS Postprocessors

… are as individual as you are!

We do not offer off-the-shelf postprocessors ... we develop them individually and optimized for you and your requirements.

And all this at a fair fixed price. There are no hidden costs.

Our postprocessors support control cycles as well as manufacturer cycles and customer cycles. 

Even your self-written cycles can be integrated into the postprocessor and programming environment. 

So you have the perfect environment to not only view the cycles graphically and output them as NC code, but you can also check them for collisions and correct material removal with our simulation tool. 

In addition, you also get very good time calculation for your own cycles. 

You need skip marks, subroutines, loops?

You want to add additional comments?

You want to generate a set-up sheet automatically?

You want a tool list at the beginning of the program?

You want optimized coolant outputs?

You want to keep a certain program structure (e.g. Gildemeister structure)?

No problem, then you are right with us !


Milling 3 - 6 Achsen
Support of several anglar heads and spindle units

Turning 1 - 3 turrets
with driven tool technology
Main and Sub-Spindle
Milling spindle
Y- and B-Axis
Support of tail stock and lunette

Sample of realized postprocessors

  • Haas VF2 und VF4, ...
  • Hermle C32U ...
  • Chiron FZ, MT, ...
  • Fanuc Robodrill, ...
  • Index G200 und G220, ...
  • DMG CTX Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Sprint, ...
  • Waldrich Portal milling machines, ...
  • Unisign Mill-Turn machines, ...
  • Reiden BFR, ...

Of course you can also create, adapt and modify postprocessors yourself with our open system.

The postprocessors are created in SESAM, our internal macro language. 

Of course, you will receive the source code from us. 

And we also offer postprocessor training.