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This module helps you create machining programs for wire EDM machines with 2 or 4 axes. It supports  essentially the generating of additional contour elements and contours. You can also specify the order in which you wnat to erode the contours and set the related technological options (starting point, approach and withdrawal, fixing stops, removal, offset, etc.)

As with all OPUS modules you will also work within the wire EDM module with a graphically-interactive interface.

The NC programs will be created by generating the source code and convert it into machine code with a postprocessor. The generation of the NC code can be adapted to different control formats. The advatage: a once created part program can be converted to different controls and may  run on several CNC machines in your shop-floor.


Overview of the main features:


  • 2-axes cutting
  • 4-axes cutting
  • conical cutting
  • smooth approach and withdrawal
  • drill start hole
  • multiple cuts option
  • stock removal cuts
  • 3D-view of the part
  • NC-Code generation for 2- and 4-axes wirecutting