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Create your NC programs for your turning machines with the OPUS turning module in an easy, fast and user-friendly way. OPUS supports simple 2 - axes turning machines as well as very complex multi - axes turning machines with main spindle and sub spindle, multiple slides, and driven tools.

The graphical representation of your turning operation will make it easy to do the programming and helps you to find any problems or avoid collisions already in this state of the program creation.

Combine turning operations with milling and/or drilling operations, synchronize multiple slide operations, work on main spindle or sub-spindle, etc.


Overview of the main features


  • Powerful roughing strategies (planar, longitudinal, contour parallel)

  • Roughing of sloping contours

  • Finishing strategies
  • Machining of threads

  • Recessing and cut-in strategies

  • Zero-offset support

  • Graphical control during creation

  • Pre-machining (manual toolpathes)

  • Internal machining
  • Customizable special operations

  • Offsets

  • Simulation of tool, workpiece and clamping situation

  • Time calculation

Example for the programming of some turning operations



Example for setting-up of a turning machine