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Tool management


For an up-to-date CAM system it is essential to offer a complete and adjustable tool management.

Save your tools in a database, manage your components and the complete tools to work more efficient.

Benefit of the functionality of databases to avoid redundant data in your production environment.

With user friendly database filter and search functions it will be easy to find the tools you want to use for your projects. So you have all the tool data like geometry or technology data when you need it.

Save the tool sketches, the 3D models or pictures from your tool to make the tool visible for others as well. With correct tool geometry data you will be able to use the tools properly during programming and simulation of your project. And with the OPUS WIS software you can make the tools visible for the users at the NC machines or planners as well.

OPUS provides lots of interfaces and macros to guide you through the creation of your tool components and complete tools. These functions will also help you to easily assemble your tools.

Nevertheless, you should never underestimate the great effort which is required to maintain a tool database.

But the maximum benefit can only result from a very well maintained database.

Overview of the features

  • complete tools

  • components, list of parts

  • coss reference list

  • technology data

  • tool adjustment

  • tool assemling (2D and 3D)

  • detailing to customer requirements

  • databases for tools, clamping devices, measuring devices, ...

  • expandable to ERMS

Example for assembling a turning tool with several holders and cutting parts