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for any Production

DNC (Direct Numerical Control)


Integrated, secure and flexible NC program management with super fast data transfer to the CNC machines and receiving the modified versions of the program back from the machine. Everything happens in a network via Ethernet with maximum speed and security in the transfer of your data. Day after day you will gain valuable productive time at your CNC machines and your output will increase significantly. Even whith just one program change per day the OPUS DNC will be amortized within one year. If you have several machines and lots of program changes this ammortization will happen within a few months.





OPUS binds your machine perfectly into your production network. Whether you need or wish to connect the machine via V.24 or if your machines are network compatible.

There is always good solution for everything. Using COM servers, you will be able to get your machine into your network even if your machine has no ethernet interface.

Send and receive your NC programs in an easy and effective way with the OPUS DNC solution.

And additionally you will get a perfect management of your NC programs without the hassle of searching in directories.



  • Releasing / Blocking of single NC programs (groups)
  • Assigning of NC programs to specific machines (groups)
  • Sending back of optimized NC programs from the machines
  • Comparing of the original NC program and the NC program sent back from the machine
  • Logging of the data transfer