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SESAM macro language


Another very powerful tool of the NC programming system OPUS is the integrated Macro-Programming language SESAM ("Schnittstelle zur Erweiterung des Systems durch Anwendungsbezogene Makros" which means "Interface to extend the system by the use of customer specific macros").


With SESAM the developers of OPUS gave the users a very powerful tool to solve customer specific problems in an easy way and to integrate it smartly in to the OPUS system. SESAM allows access to nearly all existing data and functions. Repeating processes can be automated. All modules can be extended by specific customized methods.


So even complex work steps can be combined into own commands and functions.
That is available for the NC editor and databases as well as tool management, geometry, simulation or the operation modules (turning, milling, wire-cutting, grinding, and so on). 
By the use of the SESAM interface you will get an immense possibility to adapt the system to your needs and wishes.
So you can realize simple as well as complex tasks without great effort and in a very short time.
Routine jobs can be combined to one command. Industry specific applications can be realized in a cost-efficient and individual way.
Of course this interface is available for the end user as well, e.g. to create variable geometry creation and automatical assigning of operation strategies.