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5 - Axes simultaneous milling


OPUS also provides with the 5 - axes milling module a wide range of functions for simultaneous machining of workpieces. It doesn't matter in these cases if 3, 4 or 5 axes are moving at the same time.

Our solution includes powerful and flexible strategies for the calculation of 5 - axes toolpathes.

Overview of the strategies


  • Swarf machining
  • Flowline operations
  • Rotation milling
  • Projectionmilling
  • Roughing technologies



More options


  • Adjustable lead-in and lead-out strategies
  • Collision control / avoidance
  • Adjustable tilt and slope angles of the tool
  • Definable security areas
  • Support of different tool geometries
  • Feed rate optimization
  • Adaptable link elements