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Milling / Drilling

The OPUS milling module consists of all functionality for contour relevant miling of surfaces, with the automatical recognition of islands, rest material, etc .

The tool path calculation will happen automatically whenever you change a parameter.

Sure you can always change the resulted toolpathes, you can also create manual toolpathes without automatical calculation.

During drilling operations you can optimize the positioning toolpathes in a cycle or side controlled matter.

As in all OPUS modules you work within a realistic interactive representation.




Overview of the main features:

  • diverse 2 and 2,5 D miling strategies to program pockets, surfaces, edges
  • powerful 3D milling tool to program freeform surfaces (roughing and finishing)
  • generation of neutral NC code
  • raw part dimensions and clamping situations can be used during calculation
  • multi-clamping
  • engraving
  • sequence control mechanism with raw material removement
  • drilling operations with support of drilling sequences
  • drilling recognition
  • feature technique to create drilling operations automatically
  • path and time optimization (tool change and side change)
  • support of own cycles
  • predefined cycles for drilling and milling, with display and simulation

Milling 2 and 2,5 D


Programming of 2 1/2-D geometries which can be on different planes in 3D space. During construction the contours will be created with depths in a 3D view window. 

So the real position of the operations can be checked during geometry creation. The postprocessors will convert the defined position into zero offsets and rotation in respect of the machine geometry and cinematic.


  • OPUS module drilling database/feature technique
  • drilling operations and free operations will be defined geometrically
  • the assignment of tools and cutting data will be done using tool and drilling databases.



Operations on several sides of a workpiece






Milling of freeform surfaces with 3 axes


OPUS offers with this module the possibility to mill freeform surfaces for mold and die production, etc.

You will have lots of very powerful and flexible algorithms to calculate the toolpathes:


  • Roughing:
    • Trochoidal milling
    • Roughing of rest material
    • Consideration of raw material
    • Consideration of undercuts

  • Diverse algorithms for finishing:
    • parallel cuts with adjustable angles
    • Z level cuts
    • constant cusp pattern
    • Projection lines and projection of contours
    • Flatland milling
    • Corner processing
    • Rest finishing


As you are used to have in OPUS you will also have the full flexibility and control in this option.

You can always edit and manipulate the toolpathes.

You have several options to calculate the toolpathes just for specific parts of the model, for defined angle areas or different heights.

With all these functions you will have lots of tools to create and program your parts in a highly efficient way with the best results of surface quality.

Of course we provide a collision check with lots of options already throughout the calculation process to minimize the risk of collisions by creating additional retraction movements or trim the toolpath when necessary