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Source code simulation


The OPUS source code simulation will help you to make your programmed toolpathes visible.

Optimize your non productive motions and avoid expensive collisions in advance.

Increase the potential within your production and reduce costly and lengthy running-in processes.

The OPUS source code simulation simulates the generated tool pathes in OPUS with all your used tools and within the complete machine environment. The environment can include all fixtures for your workpiece.

For this kind of simulation the NC source code will be used, so the code before a post-processor run. Most adaptions to the real NC code can be done here as well. This is achieved by clever use of the post-processor kernel and the internal macro language. Thus, a fairly realistic result can be achieved at this stage of the simulation.

The photo-realistic representation of the tool motions and the calculated material removal will show an almost perfect result.

The source code simulation can certainly be combined with the machine simulation and supports consequently the complete machine cinematic.



Overview of the features


  • Collision control (stop or graphical highlighting)
  • Optimization of rapid feed movements
  • Calculation of job time
  • Photorealistic representation
  • Material removal
  • Possibility to save the raw part for future use
  • Jump markers to find special positions (e.g. tool change)
  • Recording function for complete simulation
  • Adjustable dialogue (coordinates, rotation axes, etc.)

Example of a NC Simulation, based on the NC source code